Made of High quality Polypropylene making them

lightweight but impact resistant.



Ro CN7

Our One-piece plastic trays with Rounded edges

and built in handles eliminate trouble of assembly

and reduce unnecessary injuries.


Non – magnetic

Plastic trays are non-magnetic allowing magnetic

testing without trouble.


Non – corrosive

Plastic core trays do not corrode allowing long term



Water resistant

Plastic trays are not susceptible to water absorption

or rotting unlike wood.


Insect free

plastic trays are not susceptible to insect fom




Extreme weather resistant

With UV additives our trays are protected against

strong sunlight extreme heat and freezing —



Chemically Inert

Plastic Will not reat chemically whit other substance

Avoiding contamination of simples.


Eco – friendly

Our trays are fully resyclable  and choosinng

Plastic reduces deforestation.